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Why You Need To Take A Dance Class With Your Partner

Why You Need To Take A Dance Class With Your Partner

Whether you and your partner have been together for a few days or decades, you may need some help connecting. This is extremely common and not something that you want to panic about just yet. Instead, you want to be proactive and find ways to reconnect.

Taking a dance class in Toronto is one of the best ways you can do this. Not only will it help with that reconnection, but it will provide stability and strengthen other parts of your relationship that you may not have realized needed work. Here are some of our top reasons to take a class with your partner:

Learn How To Sync Up With Each Other

In long term relationships especially, we tend to lose that connection that made us love each other in the first place. For some couples, that is because we stop being synced up.

By taking a class together, you and your partner will learn to read each other without having to talk things out. You will pick up on little movements in their body, looks on their face, and be able to communicate more effectively.

Even better, you will be able to see how the teacher communicates with them, giving you a new perspective on how to handle them when they are just learning something or going through a tough time.

It Will Give You A Date Night

Sometimes, all you need to do is have a date night to put things into perspective. By scheduling a class ahead of time, you are significantly reducing the risk of just staying home and ordering takeout before you both fall asleep on the couch while looking at your phones or watching Netflix.

Make an entire night of it too. Before going to class, maybe you will spend time together getting ready and stretching. After class, you can go for a meal or go to another activity.

You’ll Connect With Your Partner

When you are in a class, you have to put your phones away. You get to focus on each other and each other only – no emails, text messages, or funny videos.

Learning how to rumba will help you connect on a physical level, which is also important (and something that falls by the wayside very quickly). You’ll be connected in a way that you may not have been for some time, rekindling that spark we all want to have.

You’ll Both Get To Exercise

Sometimes we lose that spark because we aren’t happy with our own bodies. When you are learning how to dance to Kpop, you are also strengthening your body and getting a workout. Professional dancers tend to have fantastic bodies because they move them in ways we don’t in a regular gym session.

When you work out and feel better about your body, you may be able to reconnect with your partner more easily. Even better, you will be doing something that is good for the both of you.

Dancing Makes You Happier

Any kind of exercise releases endorphins, which make us happier and relieve stress. When your stress levels aren’t as high, you are less likely to snap at your partner for forgetting to pick up coffee or move the laundry into the dryer.

When you are both happier, you can navigate the little bumps that life puts in your way without completely knocking yourselves off course.

You Can Be “That Couple” When You Are Out With Friends

Everyone wants to show off a little bit when they are out with friends, to show that you’ve made it through a hard time and you are stronger than ever before. When you spend time to be together and learn how to dance to hip hop music, for example, you can actually use that in real life.

Show your friends how connected you are by actually staying on beat and using moves that you have both perfected.

Relationships are hard and take work – forever. However, by taking some time and doing something together that will benefit you on many different levels, you are investing in your relationship. You are creating something that will last longer. Even just being willing to do that should tell you a lot about your relationship and what is worth fighting for in life.

So what are you waiting for?

Image by AD_Images from Pixabay

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