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At EcoGuard, our mission is to provide our neighboring families and businesses in Scotts Valley and the greater Santa Cruz area the highest quality protection against pests such as insects and rodents. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, for residential and commercial pest control. Our service will protect your home from insects and rodents throughout the year. Guaranteed.

Call today and ask about our immediate pest control service options. Often we can service your property same day or the next depending on your location.

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EcoGuard Pest Management is a leader in Scotts Valley pest control.

Are you tired of the constant onslaught of ants or spiders encroaching into your home or business? Are you ready to take action against those pestering rodents? Or maybe you just have questions about how general pest control will help your family? EcoGuard Pest Management is here to serve all your needs, whatever they might be. It’s simple! When you combine our seasonal protection plan with our pest free guarantee, your pest concerns will be solved. As a local family owned and operated company we are aware of the issues our Scotts Valley neighbors are facing. We’re committed to tailoring our services specifically for you. With over 40 years of experienced guidance and applied methods, our highly trained staff has made a promise to enhance your environment. From knocking down spider webs on that tough to reach second story, to treating your full yard, as well as using eco-friendly products. We customize our services, and if for any reason the pests come back so do we, for FREE! So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, bug us today, so they stop bugging you! Call Today!

All Natural Pest Control | Organic Pest Control

EcoGuard Pest Management prides itself on using products with the least environmental impact.  Along with our standard products and services we also offer pet and family friendly green products. These are essential oil based containing ingredients like clove, rosemary, geraniol, wintergreen, and peppermint. Our all-natural solution primarily uses three products, Essentria IC3, Essentria Granular, and Nature-Cide.  Each of these products are certified organic, have zero aquatic toxicity, and are used on our most sensitive accounts such as schools, nursing homes, and daycares.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

EcoGuard has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for all of our Scotts Valley, California customers.  We guarantee 100% satisfaction with every service, if the bugs come back, so do we, at no additional cost. We are standing by to give you a free estimate and to help you set your first pest control service appointment in Scotts Valley.

For immediate service for all of your Scotts Valley pest control concerns please call 866-326-2847 or complete this form.

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Pest Free Process In Scotts Valley

Our service visits begin with our licensed, uniformed professionals performing comprehensive inspections covering the full perimeter of each building, and the entirety of the property, including the full yard and fence line. We will closely monitor any new pests, crawling insects or spiders. Based on our findings, we compose an IPM program to rid the area of any undesirable pests. Our applicators carry 24-foot extendable de-webbing poles to knock down all spider webs along door frames, light fixtures, and accessible roof lines, while also knocking down and disposing of any wasp nests. This includes not only the first, but second story roof lines as well if applicable to your home.

List of Services

  • Exterior TreatmentOur technicians inspect your property to find and treat for ants, spiders, and other insect nests throughout the year. Using only the highest quality eco-friendly products available, we create a 2-foot barrier around the full exterior of your home, pushing all pests out and away from the structure. We brush the eaves, patio covers, doorways, and window frames removing all spider webs, egg sacs, and wasp nests. Those areas are also treated to limit re-nesting and webbing throughout the year. Schedule Service List Item 1
  • Full Yard TreatmentFleas, ticks, ants, earwigs, house centipedes, crickets, and other pesky creatures found in Scotts Valley, California can be controlled by yard treatments. We inspect your yard for activity and treat any noticeable infestations and harborage areas that are accessible. Just like the home itself we make sure to knock down any spider webs or wasp nests that are found on your children’s play structures, fence line, or shed/barn areas. To ensure full protection we treat all cracks and crevices as well as bushes and shrubs on your property. Our full yard treatment allows you and your family to comfortably enjoy your yard, all year round. Schedule Service List Item 2
  • Interior TreatmentTo ensure the inside of your Scotts Valley California home and garage are pest free, we first complete a thorough inspection of all interior harborage areas and access points including floor boards, sinks, windows, as well as cracks and crevices. We will apply an interior barrier that will deter pests, we will also set traps and baits for various insects and rodent activity. Schedule Service List Item 3

Additional Pest Commonly Treated In Scotts Valley

See ourPest Libraryfor a full list of insects we treat for. If you don’t see what you are looking for give us a call. We are always here to help! EcoGuard Pest Management provides eco-friendly services for both residential and commercial properties.


Bed Bugs


Black Widows






Fruit Fly













Why Choose EcoGuard?

EcoGuard approaches each job with integrated pest management (IPM) as our primary focus. IPM is defined by using “Pesticides that pose the least possible hazard and are effective in a manner that minimizes risks to people, property, and the environment, and are used only after careful monitoring indicates they are needed according to pre-established guidelines and treatment thresholds.” Our proximity to the subject property allows us to closely monitor all pest activity and employ the highest standards of IPM available today.

In addition to customized IPM strategies, we care about our customers and being a family owned and local business we treat everyone like our neighbors. In addition to being reputable and standing by the highest standards of customer service we also offer:

  • A pest free guarantee
  • Green & ecofriendly pesticides that are state approved
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured services
  • Competitive pricing

Excellent Reviews

Scotts Valley Pest Control & Exterminators | EcoGuard Pest Management (2024)


What does the pest control management include? ›

Integrated pest management is the combining of appropriate pest control tactics into a single plan to reduce pests and their damage to an acceptable level. Pest control tactics may include: host resistance, biological control, cultural control, mechanical control, sanitation, and chemical (pesticide) control.

Is pest control prevention worth it? ›

Preventive pest control services not only reduce your costs, but they also bring peace of mind. When you don't have infestations, you don't have to repair damage caused by insects or rodents, and you're not exposed to health issues or diseases pests can carry.

Why does pest control take so long? ›

All Things Pest Control uses a combination of dust, gels, baits, aerosols, and liquid misting sprays - some of which create a residual long term treatment, as opposed to a fast acting, short term fix. To put it simply, your pests won't die immediately.

How long does pest control spraying take? ›

Preventative treatment for ants, co*ckroaches, and other common pests: 15 to 30 minutes. Removal of active ant or co*ckroach infestations: 90 to 120 minutes or more depending on the extent of the infestation. Heat treatment for termites: 4 or more hours.

What are the 3 controls of pest management? ›

Three main pest control methods are used: physical, chemical, and biological. Each pest control method has advantages and disadvantages, and the appropriate way depends on the specific pest problem and the property's location. A combination of methods may also be used to control pests effectively.

What does a general pest include? ›

A pest is any living thing—a plant, an animal, or a microorganism—that has a negative effect on humans. It can be an unwanted plant (weed), fungi, nematode, microbe (such as bacteria or virus), insect, spider, mite, bird, fish, rodent, or even a deer.

How much is a pest control visit? ›

If you're dealing with a pest infestation, you can expect to pay between $50 to $250 on average for DIY treatments or between $150 to $350 for one time professional services.

How much is pest control service per month? ›

A general pest control plan costs from $400 to $950 per year or from $30 to $50 per month, on average. Sometimes, hiring a professional pest control service is necessary to get rid of a severe pest infestation.

Which pest control method is best? ›

Chemical Pest Control Methods – The most well-known way of controlling pests is by using pesticides and rodenticides. Chemical types of pest control have been seen as reliable, and tackle a large portion of the pest population. Pesticides are usually used in certain circ*mstances where no other method will work.

Why do I have more bugs after pest control? ›

The chemicals are designed as a type of “bait” where they go back to their colony and feed everyone else. This kills off the colony in a few days, but it can cause an increase in activity for the first few days. While not all bugs are given bait, the pesticides can still make the bugs more active right after treatment.

Why am I still seeing bugs after pest control? ›

One treatment doesn't take care of everything. When bugs are first treated, they are flushed from their hiding places or shelter. It's completely normal to see ants, spiders, and co*ckroaches come out in abundance after your first treatment. In addition, some treatment products are specifically designed to work slowly.

Do bugs come out more after spraying? ›

Yes, it's normal to see more bugs after you've had your home treated. Oftentimes when homeowners call Arrow Pest Control about a pest problem in their home, they don't realize the handful of bugs they've been seeing is part of a larger (sometimes much larger) infestation.

Can I sleep in my house after pest control? ›

Yes, you can sleep in your house after pest control, but you should wait until the pesticide has dried completely. This may take a few hours, depending on the type of treatment used. Once it is safe to re-enter your home, be sure to ventilate it well and wash your hands thoroughly.

Should I clean the house after pest control? ›

Although there are certain rules you should follow after scheduling a pest control service, you should still keep your home free of any messes. This includes cleaning used dishes and scrubbing off dirty surfaces with cleaning rags. So yes, you should clean your house after pest control — but only to a certain extent.

What are the 4 principles of pest management? ›

Successful IPM programs use this four-tiered implementation approach:
  • Identify pests and monitor progress.
  • Set action threshholds.
  • Prevent.
  • Control.
Jun 20, 2023

What are the four 4 parts of pest analysis? ›

PEST analysis (political, economic, social, and technological) is a management method whereby an organization can assess major external factors that influence its operation in order to become more competitive in the market. As described by the acronym, those four areas are central to this model.

What type of program is pest management? ›

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) combines different types of controls — from hands-on pest removal to traditional synthetic pesticides — in a sensible, long-term plan. Designing your own program around proven IPM principles can help protect your garden and keep it healthy.

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