Ten Easy Weight Watchers Freestyle Recipes (2024)

When Weight Watchers revealed their Freestyle program in the US, I have to admit that I was a little nervous about it. I wasn’t sure how it would work, if it would work and the idea of updating all my recipes made me want to squirm. But I think the new program will work well, as long as you don’t over-indulge in the new zero point foods.

Trying to come up with new recipes to make (no matter what kind of cook you are) can be a challenge. Meal prepping and meal planning take time and energy, and sometimes it’s not worth it or doesn’t work that week.

These ten easy Weight Watchers Freestyle recipes below have all been updated to include the new Freestyle points (Blue plan), and are all easy to make.

If you are interested in more easy recipes, try these 10 easy recipes for busy weeknights.

Instant Pot Salsa Chicken

This recipe is one of the most popular recipes on Dash of Herbs and it’s only 3 Freestyle points per serving (it used to be 8 Freestyle points per serving). It’s one of the easiest recipes you will ever make for yourself and your family. Even the kids will love it.

If you don’t have an Instant Pot, don’t worry! You could make this in the slow cooker instead (add the beans and corn near the end of the cooking).

Skinny French Toast Muffins

Breakfast foods can get boring when you are on a diet, but it doesn’t have to be. These skinny french toast muffins are fantastic, healthy and perfect for a grab and go breakfast. The best part? They are only 2 Freestyle points per muffin on Weight Watchers (without the maple syrup added).

This recipe is a great idea to meal prep on a Sunday for the week ahead.

Kid Friendly Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken

If you have kids, you know how difficult it can be to cook something they might actually eat. This kid friendly baked sweet and sour chicken is perfect for those kids who might be picky or don’t always want to eat your meals. Who has time these days to make 2 meals for yourself and your kids? Nobody! This is only 5 Freestyle points per serving.

Spicy White Bean and Collard Green Soup

Oh, this soup is fantastic and fairly easy to make. It’s perfect for when you are craving some greens and only 2 Freestyle points per serving.This spicy soup is perfect and easy to make. Chop the veggies on a Sunday to meal prep so then you just have to throw the ingredients together and cook it. That’s basically how easy this soup is to make.

I loved it with rice too, because it made it heartier and kept me fuller longer.

Slow Cooker Spaghetti Sauce

If you are craving Italian food, try this easy slow cooker spaghetti sauce recipe. It’s really chunky, healthy and includes a secret ingredient that you don’t typically find in spaghetti sauces. The best part is that you are making it yourself, so there is no added sugars that are found in store bought sauces. It’s only 2 Freestyle points per serving.

Making spaghetti sauce in the slow cooker is one of the things that kept me going when I was a new mom. It’s easy to throw together and doesn’t take much prep ahead of time. It’s a win-win and you can freeze some for another time.

Easy Eggs In A Mug

Breakfast is one of the most important meals you will ever eat throughout the day. To make it even easier on you, here is a recipe that you can make for just 1 person and it’s only 1 Freestyle point per serving.

I know remembering to cook breakfast is a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be, because this recipe is easy to make. You can throw this together quickly (even for those new moms who have no time at all).

Instant Pot Chipotle Chicken Tacos

These tacos are packed with flavor and so easy to make using your Instant Pot. If you don’t have an Instant Pot, I have to tell you that you will need to buy one soon because it’s truly the best small appliance you will ever own. These tacos are only 4 Freestyle points per serving.

If you need help figuring out your Instant Pot, check out this great guide (affiliate link). Don’t forget to use code “dash” to get $5 off!

Easy Chicken Salad Sandwiches

The months can finally be spent without turning on the stove with these easy chicken salad sandwiches recipe. It’s a quick lunch recipe that you can throw together super fast for a week day lunch or dinner recipe. It’s only 3 Freestyle point per serving.

Slow Cooker Chicken and Tomato Orzo

Let’s slow down the hectic days by creating easy, healthy recipes. This slow cooker chicken and tomato orzo recipe is just that – it takes about 30 minutes to complete after the chicken is cooked. It’s only 4 Freestyle points per serving…and a hearty meal that will fill you up quickly.

Slow Cooker Easy Beef Stew

Ten Easy Weight Watchers Freestyle Recipes (10)

When you don’t have time to cook dinner, try this slow cooker easy beef stew recipe. All you have to do is chop a few veggies (you can do this the night before), and dump everything into the slow cooker. Cook for 6-8 hours and a delicious dinner will be on your table when you get home from work. This is 3 Freestyle points per serving on Weight Watchers, 1 cup.

For the full roundup of Ten Easy Weight Watchers Freestyle Recipes, see the links used below:

Instant Pot Salsa Chicken

Skinny French Toast Muffins

Kid Friendly Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken

Spicy White Bean and Collard Green Soup

Slow Cooker Spaghetti Sauce

Easy Eggs In A Mug

Instant Pot Chipotle Chicken Tacos

Easy Chicken Salad Sandwiches

Slow Cooker Chicken and Tomato Orzo

Slow Cooker Easy Beef Stew

Which of these recipes will you be trying first?

Ten Easy Weight Watchers Freestyle Recipes (2024)


What is the freestyle diet on WeightWatchers? ›

Based on our science-backed PersonalPoints® system, WW Freestyle encourages you to eat more fruits, veggies, lean protein, and less sugar and unhealthy fats. Our program also has over 200+ ZeroPoint™ foods you never have to portion or track. Spend your personalized PersonalPoints Budget on any food you like.

What is the best breakfast for WeightWatchers? ›

And much more.
  • 15 top weight watchers breakfast recipes. ...
  • Cinnamon Roll Baked Oatmeal. ...
  • Two Ingredient Cinnamon Rolls. ...
  • Pumpkin Banana Greek Yogurt Muffins. ...
  • Strawberry Banana Greek Yogurt Muffins. ...
  • Healthy Banana and Strawberry Oat Pancakes. ...
  • Instant Pot Egg Bake. ...
  • Copycat Starbucks Instant Pot Egg Bites.
Jan 15, 2023

Can I lose 3 pounds a week on WeightWatchers? ›

Unlike many fad diets that promise unrealistic results over short periods of time, WeightWatchers says members can expect to lose 0.5–2 pounds (lb) [0.23–0.9 kilograms (kg)] per week, depending on their chosen plan.

What foods are unlimited on WeightWatchers? ›

Our ZeroPoint food categories
  • Non-starchy vegetables. With a wide range of health benefits, it's no wonder non-starchy veggies are a ZeroPoint food for everyone. ...
  • Fruits. ...
  • Chicken & turkey breast. ...
  • Fish & shellfish. ...
  • Eggs. ...
  • Tofu & tempeh. ...
  • Beans, peas & lentils. ...
  • Low-fat yoghurt & cottage cheese.
Dec 9, 2021

Is WW Blue the same as freestyle? ›

The blue plan used to be called the WW Freestyle plan, and you may be on it already. It has an equal amount of SmartPoints (food that you count toward your weekly intake) and ZeroPoints (food that you don't count toward your weekly intake).

Is freestyle the current version of Weight Watchers? ›

What is this? UPDATE: As of November 14, 2022, the new Weight Watcher plan is called the Points® system. You can read more about the new Points® system HERE. It is similar to the Weight Watchers Freestyle plan that was in rolled out in 2017-2018 and the MyWW Blue program that was rolled out in 2019-2020.

What's the best breakfast to lose belly fat? ›

  • Jul 16, 2023. BY: ET Online. ...
  • Yogurt. Greek yoghurt is a fantastic breakfast choice for weight loss because it is high in protein and low in calories. ...
  • Eggs. Eggs are abundant in vital vitamins and minerals, as well as high in protein. ...
  • Oatmeal. ...
  • Smoothies. ...
  • Nuts and nut butter. ...
  • Avocado toast. ...
  • ​​Fruit salad​
Jul 16, 2023

What is the least fattening thing to eat for breakfast? ›

Here are 14 healthy breakfast foods that can help you lose weight.
  1. Eggs. Rich in protein and important vitamins and minerals, such as selenium and riboflavin, eggs are a true powerhouse of nutrition. ...
  2. Wheat Germ. ...
  3. Bananas. ...
  4. Yogurt. ...
  5. Smoothies. ...
  6. Berries. ...
  7. Grapefruits. ...
  8. Coffee.
Jan 25, 2024

What cereal can I eat on Weight Watchers? ›

Seek out whole grain wheat cereal, whole grain oats, or steel cut oats. Top with fruit such as blueberries, bananas, or fresh dates (all of which have zero SmartPoints values) and you'll be feeling full all morning.

What happens if I eat only zero point foods? ›

These zero point foods are high volume – low calorie foods – and they are super filling. So if you are filling your plate with zero point foods in addition to what you are eating, you will stay fuller longer, or even not feel like snacking in between meals because you are satisfied.

How to speed up weight loss on Weight Watchers? ›

6 Science-Backed Tricks That Can Help Make Weight Watchers Work Better
  1. How to lose weight faster on Weight Watchers. ...
  2. Dig in at breakfast. ...
  3. Go for protein early in the day. ...
  4. Look for Mother Nature's seal of approval. ...
  5. Drink a cup of water before every meal. ...
  6. Sip some green tea. ...
  7. Enjoy metabolism-shocking splurges.
Nov 13, 2023

How can you lose 5 lb in one week? ›

Losing 5 pounds a week comes to reducing your food intake by 3500 calories over seven days. The value that represents the decrease in calorie intake is known as the calorie deficit. If you want to lose 5 pounds in a week, you will need to reduce your food intake by 17,500 calories, which is a huge calorie deficit.

Can you eat too many zero point foods on WW? ›

And, of course, you can eat as much as you like.

Can you eat too much fruit on WW? ›

There's no limit to how much fruit you can eat on WW. Instead, the website recommends eating fruit (and other zero-point foods) in the portion sizes that work for you. So if you typically feel fueled and satisfied after eating two apples instead of one, stick with what works best for your body.

Is WeightWatchers FreeStyle the same as smart points? ›

SmartPoints – The new Weight Watchers Freestyle program still uses SmartPoints with the same calculation, so the majority of foods (with the exception of the new zero point items) will keep the same SmartPoints. SmartPoints are calculated based on calories, saturated fat, sugar and protein.

Is WW FreeStyle good for diabetics? ›

“The FreeStyle Libre 2 system data, along with the WW Diabetes-Tailored Plan, helps users eat healthier, drink more water and get active – all behaviors that help manage glucose levels.”

Does WeightWatchers have a fasting plan? ›

The WW program doesn't advocate fasting as there is not clear evidence of its potential benefits or side effects to health both short and long-term. You can, however, take some principles from intermittent fasting and adapt it to work with the program, if you choose.

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