Jamaican Curry Chicken and Potatoes Recipe (2024)



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As a Jamaican, I encourage you to use an Indian curry: The flavor & color is better. The ckn will taste better if you season it the day before with curry also. Also 1st step is to “cook” the curry in oil to bloom the flavor & prevent GI upset from undercooked curry & add grated ginger after. You don't need cornstarch. The starch from the potatoes is enough. You dont need chicken stock; water is fine. Don't cover the ckn w/water or you’ll have soup. Just put enough to cover the potatoes.


If you are watching your carb intake I would consider substituting cubed butternut squash, carrots or sweet potatoes, especially if serving with rice. These are, in order, lower in carbs and higher in nutritional value than regular potatoes.


Add a touch of grated fresh ginger to add light to the recipe. It is amazing the difference it makes


As a Jamaican I will say that Cornstarch is not needed. Add some fresh ginger and please chop up the chicken in smaller pieces. Also best to season the chicken at least an hour (longer if you can) ahead of cooking. In Jamaica we don't use chicken stock; we use water and some coconut milk. Add some of the curry powder to you oil.


Where can I get Jamaican curry powder or what can I substitute? Chicago NW suburbs.


This should be titled 'Jamaica-inspired' curry. Jamaicans do not post add curry powder to seared chicken. They either season the chicken with curry or add the curry to the hot oil first, then add the chicken. Also, Jamaicans cut the chicken into smaller pieces and will not serve an intact chicken leg quarter.

Stirling Cousins

To make it vegan: substitute extra-firm tofu for chicken. Use one or two blocks. Drain and press. Heat oil in frying pan on medium heat. Cook until golden - about 10 to 15 minutes. Flip and do the other side. Yum!


An nice healthy pinch or two of allspice would lend an addt'l Jamaican flavor element here....


As a Jamaican, I encourage you to use an Indian curry: The flavor & color is better. The ckn will taste better if you season it the day before with curry also. Also 1st step is to “cook” the curry in oil to bloom the flavor & prevent GI upset from undercooked curry & add grated ginger after. You don't need cornstarch. The starch from the potatoes is enough. You dont need chicken stock; water is fine. Don't cover the ckn w/water or you’ll have soup. Just put enough to cover the potatoes.

Cyd Delve

As written, the order of the steps just didn't make sense to me. I browned the seasoned (salt, pepper, garlic powder) chicken first then removed to a plate. Next went in the onions til they were browned slightly, then the garlic and some ginger followed by the curry powder. Cooked the curry for a few minutes then added the potatoes, the browned chicken, chicken stock, and herbs. Brought to the boil then simmered for 35 minutes; one of the best curries I've ever made.


Can someone explain to me why a recipe would call for "bone-in skin-on chicken thighs and legs, skin removed"?! This makes absolutely no sense to me.


This was exactly what I was hoping for yearning for some island fare 12 months into the pandemic and travel/dining restrictions in place. Followed MrsMitch's advice and it turned out great. I also added a couple carrots, and mashed some of the carrot and potatoes with a spoon to thicken rather than adding cornstarch. Served with rice and peas and roasted yams, listened to a reggae playlist and had a stay at home holiday for the night.


Not only did I love this dish, but Jamaican neighbor pronounced me an "honorary Jamaican" when they tasted it. I used Jamaican curry (1/2 on chicken for 24 hr marinade & 1/2 in the pan with the onions to bloom); used white sweet potatoes in place of regular potatoes; added pinch of allspice & some grated ginger per commenters' rec; added sliced carrot; and for the broth used 1/2 unsalted chicken stock and 1/2 coconut milk. A punctured habanero was genius = perfect heat level. Will make again.


Add tumeric and grated ginger to regular curry powder

J Boyce

@saray Probably because the average US grocery store sells "bone-in skin-on" chicken or "boneless skinless" chicken but never "bone-in skinless" chicken


Perfect recipe as-is!


Just made this and it turned out great with a few tweaks. I seared the chicken first and the sautéed the onions. I followed the ingredient list but added a few things. I only did chicken thighs (bone in)Added ginger and all spice Soy sauce and umami seasoningFlour instead of corn starch I did one qt of chicken broth and 1/2 can of coconut milk I found at the end that it was lacking a depth of flavor. Which is why i added the soy sauce and umami seasoning. And a pinch of sugar.


For any Brits, this is chip shop curry on steroids - absolutely delicious, sauce doesn’t need thickened at the end, enjoy!


Only use one pound of chicken2 tablespoons 1 tsp of curry powder 4 potatoes

David T

Made this curry for the first time. I am an experienced home cook with 40 years of experimentation in just about every cuisine out there. I never thought I could replicate the beautiful curry that I have available to me locally but this is very good. Used my own pepper hot sauce in lieu of scotch bonnets as I could not get any. Cut the mild curry powder I had wit a bit more turmeric. Very happy with the results.

Stacey White

I found this recipe to be bland as it’s missing key elements of Jamaican cooking. Scallion (green or spring onions,) coconut milk, and pimento/allspices are requirements for a Jamaican Curry, as far as I’m concerned. Smaller pieces of chicken, as other comments have mentioned, along with carrots would also be more traditional.If you are looking for a plain, thin curry, it is okay. Flavour will be very dependent on the quality of your powder.


This was my first time ever making Chicken Curry and me and my kids absolutely loved it. I just added a little extra Curry and "BOOM"!!! Straight perfection! I will definitely be making it again.

test cook

Pleasantly surprised by how Caribbean this dish smelled and tasted. I also used a combination of hot curry, Indian curry, and madras curry as a substitute for the Jamaican curry. Turned out delicious.


need to use a little less turmeric next time. also added green beans and it was delicious with a little crunch.


Excellent. Couple of procedural changes. Seasoned chicken with garlic powder, S&P, Indian hot curry powder. Sautéed onion but added minced garlic to potatoes. Browned chicken, removed from pan. Layered onions, thyme, habanero, potatoes, garlic. Stirred well. Chicken on top of veggies. Poured chicken stock to cover most of potatoes but not chicken. Covered and cooked for 40 minutes. Tender and chocked full of flavor. Thanks Ms. Peatree.

Selon Selin

Based on comments here, prepared this recipe somewhat differently with successful results. Toasted spices in the oil after frying off the chicken. Pulverised the onion, garlic, and habanero in a food processor which I poured on the hot spices and layered in the chicken on top. This helped deglaze the pan and create a thick gravy like sauce without starch (apart from the potatoes). Also replaced stock and garlic powder with a Maggi cube and water. Fabulously easy weeknight curry


Substituted the potatoes with bell peppers and it was very tasty! Also used Indian curry with cayenne pepper to give it a kick.

Jeffrey Dvorkin

Surprisingly bland!

Dave M.

High-glycemic-index potatoes along with a serving of white rice sounds likes carbohydrate bomb to me (type 1 diabetic). Never mind the diabetes, it would probably be better for everyone to cut down on the potatoes.

Doug STP

If you plan on reheating this dish, don't use the cornstarch. The thickening agent in cornstarch does not reactive upon reheating. Instead, make a roux using 1/8 cup butter and 1/8 cup flour. Heat in pan until flour cooks and smells buttery instead of floury again, and darkens a little. Then add roux to curry.

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Jamaican Curry Chicken and Potatoes Recipe (2024)


What is Jamaican curry sauce made of? ›

Jamaican curry powders are typically a premade blend of spices like cumin, coriander, fenugreek, allspice, mustard, anise, and turmeric, hence the signature yellow color, which is quite different from curry powders of other origins.

What is the difference between Indian curry and Jamaican curry chicken? ›

The greatest difference between the two spice mixes comes into play when examining heat levels. Indian curry powders tend to have more chile powder in them while Jamaican curry powder. Some commercial versions may have a bit of cayenne pepper in them, but most recipes usually omit that spice.

What is a substitute for Jamaican curry powder? ›

To substitute Jamaican curry powder, I started with regular curry powder (which contains most of the same spices), then added extra turmeric and allspice. This allowed me to use ingredients that were easy for me to find, AND I didn't have to toast and grind the spices myself.

What is the difference between Jamaican curry and regular curry? ›

A major difference between Jamaican and Indian curries is that Indian dishes use more chilli powder than fresh peppers. This gives Indian dishes a distinctive red colour and kick. Like Jamaican cuisine, Indian dishes are also usually marinated with a mix of Indian spices before cooking.

What makes Caribbean curry different? ›

But perhaps the biggest thing that makes Jamaican curry powder stand out from other curry powders is the use of allspice, which is known for its multidimensional flavor and adds its own, herbaceous and warm twist to the mix.

What is Jamaican curry chicken made of? ›

Embrace the heat with my Authentic Jamaican Curry Chicken. With a fragrant blend of spices and tender chicken simmered in a sauce of hot peppers, chicken stock, garlic, and creamy coconut milk, this dish is sure to transport your taste buds to the sunny shores of Jamaica.

What are the three types of curry? ›

From phal curry based in the UK to madras curry originating from Madras, there are many curry dishes throughout the world with a history as flavorful as the meal itself. Though there are many dishes, curry itself can typically be broken down into three types: red, green, and yellow.

Do you cook the chicken before putting it in curry? ›

You should have a rich, flavoursome sauce, add your RAW chicken into the sauce, keep the heat medium high and seal the chicken in the sauce, stir constantly and create the deep flavour in the chicken.

How do you keep chicken from falling apart in curry? ›

1) Marinate the chicken in water, wine, or other liquids for up to an hour before cooking. This will tenderize the meat and add flavor. 2) Slowly cook the chicken on low heat with a lid on top for about 15-20 minutes per pound of chicken. The lid prevents the chicken from drying out too much.

How to tenderize chicken for curry? ›

We recommend marinating your chicken in buttermilk or yogurt overnight, but if it's urgent, then an hour will do. However, the texture of the chicken won't be as even as chicken marinated overnight. The process is simple: you only have to immerse the chicken in a container with enough yogurt or buttermilk and seal it.

Is garam masala the same as curry powder? ›

While both are Indian spice mixes, their unique flavor profiles distinguish them. Curry Powder tends to be milder, with a symphony of spices creating a harmonious, less intense flavor compared to the robust complexity of Garam Masala.

Can I use curry paste instead of curry powder? ›

The difference in flavor profile and heat level means that it's not a good idea to substitute curry paste for curry powder. If you're hoping to cook a traditional Thai or Indian dish, this substitution would throw off the flavors in your final dish.

Can I use cumin instead of curry powder? ›

Cumin and allspice are popular spices in the home cook's cabinet. The blend of ground cumin and allspice works well to create a warm and sweet flavor. It doesn't have the variety of ingredients of a curry powder, but it can stand in for the blend in chicken dishes, soups, and sauces.

What does curry sauce contain? ›

A basic homemade curry sauce has onion, garlic, ginger and spices. It is cooked in oil or clarified butter and can be thickened with flour. It's a simple process that requires knowing which spices you like from a long list of possibilities.

What is Jamaican goat curry made of? ›

Chunky pieces of goat are slowly simmered in aromatic blend garlic, ginger, thyme, onions, and hot pepper and with curry taking center stage, until thick and creamy or however, you like it. For amazing results try making your own curry powder with this blend here.

Is Jamaican curry powder the same as Indian curry? ›

While both curry powders are a blend of spices, Jamaican curry powder usually has a higher proportion of turmeric and is packed full of Jamaican flavors such as pimento, scotch bonnet chili and personal preferences like nutmeg. It is also lower in heat than the Indian version.

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