VR Racing and Other Games That Suit Fans of Motorbikes and Fast Action - Formotorbikes (2024)

VR Racing and Other Games That Suit Fans of Motorbikes and Fast Action - Formotorbikes (1)

There’s nothing that compares to the feeling of riding a motorbike in real life, but what online games help you recreate that feeling of freedom in different ways? You might be surprised to see how many varied types of gameplay you can find to quench your thirst for speed.

VR Racing Games

It’s no wonder that racing games have proved so popular over the years, as they give us lots of action and the chance to test our skills at high speed but with no real danger. Some of the most exciting and best racing games to date include titles like TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 2, Ride 4, and Tourist Trophy. This genre covers different sorts of gameplay, from arcade-style to others where a more strategic approach is needed.

However, the arrival of virtual reality (VR) technology has added even more realism to the latest games. This review of the VRIDER gameon the Quest platform confirms that you can select your bike from five of the top industry brands. Each of the bikes has a handle like its real-life counterpart, and you can choose to race alone or against others. As the Superbike World Championship’s official game, VRIDER is an immersive and highly enjoyable way of riding your favorite bike.

This isn’t the only game that lets you ride in VR. Motorcycle Racing VR on the Meta platform takes a simpler, arcade-type approach but still provides a satisfying high-speed experience. VR Motorcycle by Park Lane Solutions Ltd is available in the App Store for iPhone users, and you need to use it with a VR Real Feel Motocross handlebar for a more authentic experience.

Themed Slots and Fast-Paced Crash Games

Not all the best games for speed fans involve getting on a motorbike in virtual reality. An alternative approach involves looking at the themed slots among the latest casino games, where the backgrounds and symbols evoke a variety of different settings.

VR Racing and Other Games That Suit Fans of Motorbikes and Fast Action - Formotorbikes (2)

American Jet Set introduces fast cars and jets, while Day at the Derby and Derby Dollar are both based on the exciting world of horse racing. You just need to choose your wager amount and press to play, with a random outcome every time.

Crash-style games might be just as appealing to anyone who enjoys some fast-paced action, with games like Jet X, Helicopter X, and Thunder Crash. These are simple gambling games where an object moves from left to right across the screen. In the case of Thunder Crash, a futuristic design sees a plane take off and soar into the skies, while Triple Cash or Crash uses a space rocket as the vehicle that moves once the game begins.

Just like slots, crash games give a random outcome every time you play. However, you have a greater degree of control over what happens, as you need to choose when to cash out. The win multiplier increases as the craft moves higher, but if you wait until it crashes or flies off the screen, you lose.

Motorcycle Simulators

What if you love motorsports but don’t want the arcade-style approach you’ve seen in many games? If you’re looking for an authentic riding experience then a motorcycle simulator is going to give you what you need. Ultimate Motorcycle Simulator by Sir Studios is a mobile game where you can explore an open world, with real motorcycle physics used to make riding challenging but enjoyable, without the risk of getting hurtin an accident.

American Motorcycle Simulator by Road Studio takes you on a trip across the US on your motorcycle. It’s listed on Steam but has no confirmed release date yet. The simulator aspect appears to come mainly from the fact that you need to take care of your bike on an epic journey across different states, but it’s not yet clear how authentic a riding experience it will provide.

VR Racing and Other Games That Suit Fans of Motorbikes and Fast Action - Formotorbikes (3)

You can also find games like Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 2021 by Play21Chill, where you can create and customize bikes to your heart’s content. It’s described inthe evaluationby GameGrin as having different missions where you need to look for the right parts, paint the bike, and carry out other tasks.

Racing Management Games

Finally, what if you prefer the idea of running a motorsports team and taking care of all the behind-the-scenes details? MotoGP Manager has an editable database where you change the names of the riders and teams. You then need to choose the right equipment and make sure that the riders are all fully trained and focused on the challenges ahead.

These are all different ways of enjoying speed and thrills, whether that’s in a casino setting or on a bike. Fast action is at your fingertips, and the variety on offer means that you shouldn’t have any problems finding a way to play that suits you perfectly.

VR Racing and Other Games That Suit Fans of Motorbikes and Fast Action - Formotorbikes (2024)
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