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"Now everything will be just fine."
- Abnormality Log

We Can Change Anything (T-09-85) is a We Can Change Anything (1) ZAYIN Tool Abnormality with a design similar to an Iron Maiden. Its white chassis is shaped like an employee and is decorated with pixel-art of smiling eyes on its head and a heart on its chest. The front of it splits down the middle and slides apart like a set of sliding doors, revealing an internal surface covered with metal spikes. It remains open when not in use.

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We Can Change Anything's ability triggers during use. When an employee is sent to its containment to use it, the employee will get in the machine and it will close itself. It will then start periodically dealing 2 We Can Change Anything (2) Red Damage to the trapped employee as the machine closes in. Every time the employee takes damage, a digital sound can be heard and 1 We Can Change Anything (3) Energy will be produced. After a bit, the frequency with which damage is dealt will increase. This can occur twice. When the employee dies by the injuries, the iron maiden will open, playing a confirmation sound and releasing a red cloud, revealing the messy remains of the employee.

The employee cannot get out once they're inside the machine, so working on it is essentially a death sentence. The trapped employee dies even if the player ends the current day before the employee's We Can Change Anything (4) HP is completely depleted. The Abnormality isn't affected by Qliphoth Meltdown.

Basic Information:[]

We Can Change Anything (5)

We Can Change Anything's basic information takes 15 seconds using to unlock. The information gained is:

  • Name of the Abnormality
  • Subject Classification
  • Risk Level (We Can Change Anything (6) ZAYIN)
  • Portrait
  • Type of Abnormality (Continuous)


We Can Change Anything was created by XX Inc. as a follow up after the 'success' of their first product, the All-Around Helper. This robot was marketed as having the solution to a diverse set of problems, including misbehaving children, dissatisfaction with one's appearance, and power issues.

It is unknown how it arrived in the hands of Lobotomy Corporation.

Log and Method[]

Interaction Amount



10 seconds

"After the popularity of the “All-Around Helper” skyrocketed, “We Can Change Anything” was released as the second installment of XX Inc’s home robot series."

"Placing an employee inside the machine will produce energy over time."

30 seconds

"As to be expected of all of XX Inc’s products, it sports a variety of functions."

"Once the employee is inside the machine, they will take RED damage. They will be unable to leave and will eventually die."

50 seconds

"Is your child a troublemaker who cries all the time? We can change that!

Don’t like how you look? Are you too fat? Too skinny? We can change that!

Is your house suffering from an outage because you don’t have the money to pay for the power bill? We can change that!"

"The amount of energy produced will increase as time goes by."

1:10 seconds

"It’s quite simple. Just open up the machine, step inside, and press the button to make it shut. Now everything will be just fine."

"This Abnormality is not affected by Qliphoth Meltdowns."

1:40 seconds

"The machine will produce energy after an employee enters it. Seeing as once inside, nobody ever comes out, it must be rather comfortable."


  • This is the only Tool Abnormality that can produce extra We Can Change Anything (7) Energy and is not affected by Qliphoth Meltdown.
  • All-Around Helper and We Can Change Anything are respectively the first and second installments of XX Inc.'s home robot series.
  • The machine resembles an Iron Maiden, a torture device.
  • This Abnormality holds the classification of 'Trauma'. This might due to the marketing of the product (the promise to solve a huge variety of problems quite easily) contrasts so sharply with its reality (whoever goes inside of it is tortured to death with no hope of rescue).
  • If the player manages to make an Agent immune(0.0) to Red damage and sends them into We Can Change Anything, the Agent will persist and can produce unlimited PE boxes, filling the PE Quota in a matter of seconds.
    • The agent will still die when the day is ended.
    • Unfortunately, there aren't any ways to reduce Red damage to 0.0 without modifying the game files.


  • Energy Exploits
    • Sending an employee with the "Immortality" from Portrait of Another World (Employee 1) into the containment room of We Can Change Anything, it has the intended effect of killing your entire facility very quickly. However, if you send the other employee (Employee 2) into the Shelter from the 27th of March, you can produce a large amount of Energy as long as the damage doesn't exceed the first employee's potential HP. (Transferred damage + Shelter Loophole + We Can Change Anything = Free win)


We Can Change Anything's Containment

We Can Change Anything Details unlocked

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Waiting for a user

Closing on user


Waiting for a new user

Closing on new user


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